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United Nations Korea Medal Greek Issue
United Nations Korea Medal Greek Issue
Bar Kopea
In Box of issue

Code: 54762Price: 35.00 GBP

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Crimea Medal 1854 . Bar Sebastopol.G Bartlett. Scots Fusilier Guards
Crimea Medal 1854 . Bar Sebastopol .
G Bartlett. Scots Fusilr Gds
Officially Impressed with copy of roll Died 17/12/56

Code: 54761Price: 375.00 GBP

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Crimea Medal 1854 . Bar Sebastopol. Pte William Arbour. 1st Royal Scots Regiment
Crimea Medal 1854 . 1 Bar Sebastopol.
2170 William Arbour, 2nd Bn 1st Royals
Regimentaly Impressed
with copy of medal roll name on roll spelt Arber
Born in Cranwich Suffolk

Code: 54760Price: 245.00 GBP

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Group of 3 Medals To Major Francis Rorke.1st Dumbarton Volunteer Rifle Corps & 9th Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Group of 3 Medals To Major Francis Rorke.1st Dumbarton Volunteer Rifle Corps & 9th Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Territorial Decoration : Edward VII, Engraved ( Major Francis Rorke 9th Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 14th May 1909). Volunteer Force Long Service Medal, ( Major F Rorke 1st Dumbarton V.R.C. ) Coronation Medal 1911 ( Major F Rorke National Reserve ), Together with 2 Gold Prize Medals 18ct Gold 1 Junior Aggregate 1LRV . Reverse engraved 1888 The Regimental Medals Won by F Rorke E Compy Weight 13.7 grms 18ct Gold 2 Obverse Glasgow coat of arms shield in centre flanked by Bowman on left and Volunteer Soldier on right enameled stunning looking medal Reverse engraved 1st LRV Cpl McColls Goblet and cups Won by E Coy F Rorke Weight 5.2 Grams Also With Officers Crossbelt Plate, Officers Plaid Brooch, Officers Belt buckle all which are engraved with F Rorke 1892 Medals in fitted box
Also with Photograph of Rorke

Code: 54754Price: 2450.00 GBP

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Submariners Group of 4 Medals To Warrant Engineer Officer. Edgar William Brading. Royal Navy
British War & Victory Medals ( M 6228 E W Brading E.R.A.4. RN); Defence & War Medals
Together with 3 Medallions 1 Submarine medallion unnamed 2 Navy enameled medallion 3 Football medal 2nd Submarine Flotilla Winners 1933-34
Also with 10 Captains Conduct certificates to Brading. Ships include HMS Dolphin,HMS Victory, Submarine L27, Submarine L54 and also HMS Emperor of India

Code: 54720Price: 175.00 GBP

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South Atlantic Falklands Medal Pair To WEMN 1 . S H Wayne. HMS Bristol
South Atlantic Medal with Rosette (WEMN 1 . S H Wayne. D065927C HMS Bristol), Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal. ( POOEL S H Wayne D065927C HMS Collingwood)
HMS Bristol (D23) is a Type 82 destroyer, the only vessel of her class to be built for the Royal Navy. Originally intended as the first of a class of large destroyers to escort the CVA-01 aircraft carriers projected to come into service in the early 1970s, Bristol turned out to be a unique ship: the rest of the class were cancelled with the CVA-01 carriers in the 1966 Strategic Defence Review. Following a long career which included the Falklands War, she was converted into a training ship in 1987 and continues to serve in that role.

Code: 54719Price: 625.00 GBP

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Army Meritorious Service Medal,Sjt. J. Lavery, South Wales Borderers
Army Meritorious Service Medal, G.VI.R., 3rd issue
(7010579 Sjt. J. Lavery, S.W.B.)
Lavery was awarded the M.S.M. in 1954 under the authority of War Office letter ‘68/Gen/9229 Army Medals’ dated 1 February 1954.

Code: 54715Price: 295.00 GBP

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India General Service 1895-1902, Pte B Carpenter. Oxford Light Infantry
India General Service 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 (4475 Pte. B. Carpenter 2d. Bn. Oxf: Lt. Infy.) single clasp award scarce to unit
With copy of service papers slight correction to army number
Benjamin Carpenter was born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, in 1874 and attested for the Oxfordshire Light Infantry at Oxford on 3 July 1893, having previously served in the 3rd (Militia) Battalion, Oxfordshire Light Infantry. He served with the 2nd Battalion in India from 26 January 1895 until 27 October 1905, and took part in the operations on the Punjab Frontier with the Mohmand Field Force under Major-General E. R. Elles, 10 June 1897 until 6 April 1898, but, unlike the majority of his battalion, he did not serve with the Tirah Field Force. On returning home he was discharged on 30 October 1905, after 12 years and 120 days’ with the Colours

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Army Long Service Medal: Victoria. Hospital Sergt Moses Hill.43rd (Monmouthshire) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)
Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal; Victoria;3rd Issue small letters reverse ;3163 Hospl Serjt. Moses Hill, H.M.43rd Lt Infy 1858
Condition VF

Code: 54711Price: 240.00 GBP

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India General Service Medal 1936-39 : Water Carrier Safdar Ali 1 South Wales Borderers
India General Service Medal 1936-39 : 1 Bar : North West Frontier 1936-37
W-Carr, Safdar Ali. 1 S Wales Bord
Condition GVF

Code: 54710Price: 130.00 GBP

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